Saving people from antiquated contact forms.

Thundyr exists because you shouldn't need to fill out a clunky form and wait 24+ hours to get a response from a website. With Thundyr, calculating and receiving online estimates—instantly, in real-time—finally is fun.

Our Story

Thundyr began with a boom.

Hey, Daniel here. I'm the President at Thundyr. A couple years back, before Thundyr, my good friend Dan and I co-founded and ran a software startup that disrupted the automotive industry. Our tools helped dealers generate more leads—from their existing website traffic—than any other lead source. In 2022, our company was successfully acquired and is still thriving today.

But the tools we built were designed to work only for car dealers. It was short-sighted: Why should great customer experiences and lead generation be restricted to one industry?

That's why I started Thundyr: To empower a world where great website experiences exist without limits.

– Daniel, President at Thundyr

Our Solution

Engage Shopppers with Our Irresistible Lead Forms

We think that you should be able to provide the best website experience, no matter what industry you're in. We also believe that people everywhere should receive accurate, personalized results in real-time, not have to wait hours (or days) for a human response.

Thundyr makes this dream possible. With our platform, you can provide a fun and transparent way to request information, and watch your high-quality leads roll in.

We let you completely customize the steps and questions you want to ask. You can also set how prices are calculated and displayed (or not displayed) on your estimates, giving you complete control over how you want to close the sale.


Charlotte, NC