Do Not Sell My Personal Information

As required by California law, Thundyr maintains this page to assist you with opting out of the "sale" of your personal information. Please note that the option described below is only available to California residents.

The business website where you found the Thundyr tool is a Thundyr client. That client pays Thundyr a fee to provide you with access to the tool on their website. This monthly access fee is likely considered a "sale" under California law. Please note Thundyr does not otherwise share your personal information with any party other than the specific business that provided you access to the Thundyr tool.

Since Thundyr is integrated with the business' website, it requires certain information to properly present you with an estimate. Therefore, in order to opt out of the automatic transmittal of your personal information to the business, please follow the following steps:

  1. Use the tool and follow the instructions until you are requested to enter your personal information (in the "Contact" step)
  2. For both "First Name" and "Last Name" enter random words. For "Phone Number" enter 10 random digits. Together, the three fields will act as your security passphrase.
  3. For "Email" enter the following:
  4. For "Zip Code" enter your actual California zip code. The Thundyr tool requires accurate zip codes to properly function.
  5. Visit and identify yourself with your security passphrases (from step 2), the date you used the Thundyr tool, and a functioning email address. State that you are taking advantage of your California opt-out rights and would like your estimate forwarded to your real email address. We will then send you your estimate and not reveal your personal information to the business. You may still present your estimate to the business when you visit.